Patrician College of Arts and Science Evoluzione 2022 Cultural Extravaganza

A majestic fourdays Inter – department cultural extravaganza “Evoluzione 2022”was conducted by Patrician College of Arts and Science. Off stage events were conducted on 20th and 21st October and the on stage events were conducted on 27th and 28th of October. The CulturalTheme Dynasty showcased the historical importance bringing on different cultures all over India.

The ecstatic students eagerly waited for the battle to begin. The Departments had a

challenging start with all the students giving their best in the on stage and off stage events. Eminent personalities from various fields were judges of the events. The events of the first day highlighted the Retro Dance, Singing and channel surfing.

The energised audience eagerly awaited the second day which did not dampen their spirits. The Departments competed with vigour and style to win the Title and Trophy. It was a melodious day having Western musicand Culture Walk representing the Dynasties to lift our spirits. The Folk and Fusion Dances were even more uplifting making the audience to dance to the tunes.

The battles of wits were also tested where the students participated in off stage events contributing their knowledge and competing for the finale. These events judged their talents and perseverance to win the events such as Vegetable Carving, Block and Tackle, Shipwreck etc.

The Cultural event ended with the Valediction Ceremony presided by Mr. Shaji Chen, Writer and Actor. He pointed out necessity of being serious in education and have an intense knowledge in the concerned field. Certificates were distributed to the winners of various events. Mr.Gowtham Associate Director Participated in the programme as a Guest of Honour. The much awaited Title “Evoluzione” was bagged by the Department of Management. The Department ofB Com CSbagged the runner up title and the Second Runner Up was bagged by the Department of Psychology

Based on the points received in Individual and Group events the title Mr. Evouzione and Ms.Evoluzionewere given. This year Mr.Nitishfrom the Department of   Psychology and Mr. Yesh from Department of Management were crowned Mr. Evoluzione and Ms.Roshinifrom the Department of Human Resource Managementwas crowned Ms. Evoluzione.

Moreover the well known titles Mr. Patrician and  Ms. Patrician were bestowed on Mr. Hemeshwaranfrom the Department of Psychology and Ms. Pearl Judith Raju fromthe Department of Psychology respectively. Patrician college Director and Secretary Brother Dr.A. Stanislaus, Academic Director Dr.FatimaVasanth, Principal Dr.Usha George, Vice Principal Shift II Dr.Geetha Rufus and Vice Principal shift I Dr.B.Meena Participated in this Programme.

Overall this event projected a platform for the student’s talents with a vibrant crowd supporting and enjoying the event to the fullest

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